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You use the internet, don’t you?

Seize the opportunity to earn some money.

Join our team to start your cash-generating machine!


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1. History


Kairos is an IT technological company, based out of Great Britain, developed some internet security products and services that are unique. They are unique because the companies’ data - that use these services- is coded and stored on thousands of computers all over the world. At present this is a technology that gives the best security for big brand companies or organizations, as there is no way to hack into the data stored this way. Kairos offers its services and products for big companies.

2. How is it related to you?

Kairos is using storage on a computer you own and they pay you rent for storing data on your computer. An intelligent program constantly measures the availability of your computer. Every day, after midnight, the company pays you the assigned fee..

They would like to involve as many computers all over the world as they can in the further improvement of these technologies.

3. How much can you earn per day?

You get the maximum payments for a given day if your computer is connected to the internet 10 hours a day. The payment depends on the size of the storage space available on your computer.

15 GB – 0,86 $/ day

70 GB – 4,09 $/ day

180 GB – 10,8 $/ day

320 GB – 19,02 $/ day

Once you become a partner with our company and you choose a GB storage package that is offered to you and you can use the products and services Kairos offers.


4. There is more to this!

You can have passive income from the rent fees you are paid. In addition to that there is an even better possibility. If you recommend this opportunity to other people, you will receive additional income after the user registers. This way you can build an international networking buisness.

Are you interested? Then please give us your details and we will contact you within 24 hours.


This webpage is owned by an independent Kairos consultant. The information given on this site is not complete. The official website of Kairos Technologies LTD is: www.kairosplanet.com